What They Meant When They Said Remote

remote power supply

If you had a fixed place of your own, it might have had a garage attached to it. And because you like the convenience and security of modern appliances, you were probably using a remote to open the garage door. The same went for managing your entertainment center in the living room. A hundred or more miles away from anything that resembles civilization, you are probably working remotely from your laptop.

Just what are you doing out there? Well, there could be a dozen or more projects that you have committed yourself too. You also happen to be one of those believers in saving the environment at all costs. Perhaps your project is closely aligned to this belief? And all along the way of setting up your work site, this is what they had in mind when they sold you on remote power supply. You could be even further than the hundred-mile watermark and it still would not have mattered.

Because your remote supply connection allows you to enjoy energy on tap. And you do not need an expensive national or local grid for this energy supply. This is the kind of modular network you could set up on your own if you are a technically astute person. Of course, it always helps matters if you are given a full tutorial on how to set up your equipment before leaving for the bush if you will. Then again, if you are working remotely anyhow, you could probably catch your lessons from your laptop screen.

What you have here is a dependable and efficient power supply network that can deliver 24 volts of power to your LIDAR, lighting equipment and/or heated sensors in some of the most rugged environments known to mankind.